Mission Statement

Alexis’ Suitcase strives to provide a great value for our customer in a friendly environment. We strive to treat every customer and consignor with respect and also respect the property they leave on consignment. Our goal is to make every customer and consignor leave feeling thrilled with their experience.

We model our policies and behavior after the goal of running a morally sound and ethical business.    Our business practices and procedures are built to follow this ideal.

We are a for-profit company, but we resolve to raise money for children’s charities through grab bag sales, fund-raising opportunities and donations of merchandise.

History of the Company

Alexis’ Suitcase was the brain-child of Jayna Thompson. She grew up in a family of limited means and, as a budding fashionista, was restricted a very small budget for clothing. Consignment shopping was a way to get more for the family’s money, so Jayna grew up shopping in consignment and thrift stores. However, there were rarely cute, current clothes for young women at these stores. She always wished there was a contemporary consignment store to buy current style items in a boutique environment.

After graduating from Georgia Tech with a degree in Business Management, she helped her brother run his e-commerce business for five years. With some savings and a lot of optimism, Jayna opened the first Alexis Suitcase in order to provide the shopping experience that she had been unable to find at consignment stores.

The name “Alexis’ Suitcase” came from a study abroad trip Jayna had taken during college. She went to New Zealand with a friend named Alexis. Not realizing the climate in New Zealand would be so cold, she packed all the wrong things. Luckily she was able to go “shopping” every morning in Alexis’ suitcase. Once she decided to open a consignment store, she remembered that experience and picked the name Alexis’ Suitcase. It represents the idea that coming into our stores is like rummaging through your fashionable friend’s suitcase for something to wear!

Alexis Suitcase was started in 2005 in a 1300 square foot space in Sandy Springs (the site of the current Sandy Springs location). After two years we were given the opportunity to expand into the neighboring space and that store was increased in size to its current size of 3000 feet.

In April 2009 the Johns Creek location was opened in a 1500 square foot space. After a year in business we were given the opportunity to expand that store and that store doubled in size to the current size of 3000 square feet.

In April 2012 the Buckhead location was opened in a 2100 square foot space. After only nine months in business the opportunity arose to expand into the adjoining 900 square foot space, bringing the total square footage to that store’s current size of 3000 square feet.

Alexis Suitcase continues to grow. We have a proven track record of increasing sales every year since the very first year in business and we hope to continue that growth.

On January 2, 2017, Leslie Brown purchased Alexis Suitcase.  Leslie is a CPA, who has worked over 20 years in the accounting field.  She decided to combine her love of upscale fashion with her business background.  Leslie was a longtime customer who formed a close relationship with Jayna.  When it was time for her to look for a different career, the timing was perfect for her and Alexis Suitcase.  Leslie will continue to serve the business’ loyal following while continuing to grow.